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J. O. Y.

Mary's "Mouse" Art

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Mary's "Mouse" Art
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These were all done using my computer, drawing with the mouse.  A lot of time went in to each drawing.    If for some reason, you'd like one, and would like to use it on your web page.  Please notify me first...give me your website address.   So I can check out your site.
Then please, make a link back to this site.   Thanks.


Another beach scene. :)


I happen to like drawing beach scenes, not that I live by a beach...but there's something peaceful about a beach setting. :)  This little one is seeking God.


This is a photo copy of a watercolor painting.  Love butterflies too.


My first attempt doing animation.  I'm still learning.  :)


I made this christmas cardinal for a greeting card.  Did I mention I love to draw birds?   


I have a program to make banners.  So I had made this one for a website I used to have.


This is a watercolor painting on a greeting card I made.  Then I put it through the scanner and worked with it in photo shop.


This was done in Paint Shop Pro.  This is the one I have used for this site.

Thanks for coming to visit my Mouse Art page,...check out my other pages.